Bulls For Sale

Yearling bulls ready to go to work. Bulls have been tested and vacinated. Call the farm for current availability, weights, epd’s and pricing.

This thick, moderate framed bull is ready to go to work. He’s out of a strong cow family that will add pounds to your calves. He’s a purebred Simmental bull.
Born: 1/12/20.. Ear tag: HD10
If you want to add meat and muscle, this is the bull for you. He’s a great looking bull that belongs in the front pasture. He’s a purebred Simmental.
Born: 2/28/20. Ear tag: HD641
This baldy bull is sound and will be an easy keeper. His calves will add pounds, muscle and stretch. He’s a 3/4 Simmental bull.
Born: 3/8/20. Ear tag: HD64
He’s been a favorite since he was a calf. He’s out of the AI sire Hook’s Beacon. He’s a 3/4 Simmental bull that’s Show-Me-Select qualified with strong growth EPDs including API in the top 10% and TI in the top 15%
Born: 3/10/20. Ear tag HE83.
This solid black purebred Simmental is qualified as a Show-Me-Select bull that will be an easy calver with calving ease EPD’s in the top 15% of the breed.
Born: 4/10/20 Ear tag: HE50
A strong, stout, solid black bull that will sire fast growing calves that are in high demand. This 3/4 Simmental is a good choice for your mature cow herd. His All Purpose Index (API) EPD is in the top 30%.
Born: 4/25/20. Ear tag: HE68
This solid black, purebred Simmental bull with strong maternal EPD’s will be a great addition if you are looking to keep heifers back out of your herd bull.
Born: 5/12/20. Ear tag: HE31
A black baldy Simmental with thickness and meat. He’s smooth and clean lined and will add meat to your calves. He’s the youngest of the group but you’d never know it by looking. He knows how to grow.
Born: 6/1/20. Ear tag: HB98

Bulls Built to Work on Your Farm.